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Good easy to use site. More info on hiking trails, wildlife, bed and breakfasts
would be great addition. Planning on visiting the area for photography
in the next few days. Thank you!! from John Morgan, Argyle MB March 2017

The Inglis Commitee is working so hard and I applaud you and appreciate everything you do.   Inglis is my home town from long ago, and when I visited about 10 years ago, I was in awe of the way that the younger people had maintained our tiny community. Beautiful location/access to the Ski Hill/crafting/artists/naturalists/log cabins/water-ways/soooooo...much to offer.
Thank you to the Inglis commitee for caring for our hometown as you have done.    I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Sincerely, Lorraine Mitchosky August 2016

Appreciate the comment of "Nicely done thanks" from pneuhofer@yahoo.ca August 2016

Our daughter, Amy, and her husband, Nate Wendell, and their two children will be moving from Louisville to just north of Inglis in one month. Nate will join his dad at their MacNutt, SK honey farm. Amy is a psychologist and will seek work in the area. Jack & Ruth Teeple, Louisville Kentucky. May 2016

I looked up Inglis on a map (ok..Google maps) after being in contact with a customer who is a resident of Inglis. It looks like a fine small town. I often wonder what it would be like to live in small town after living for 50 years in suburbs of Montreal. All the best to you... Richard Gagnon, Chambly QC Feb 2016

See you soon for the wedding in June! We're excited to experience everything Inglis has to offer :) Josh & Kati, Kelowna BC Jan 2016

I'm looking for family of my mother's that lived in Inglis in the 1930's to 1950's. My mother Martha was born there in 1939 and her mother's name was Rose Schmidt. She had two sisters Mary and Dories. If you can help me in anyway that would be great because they are gone and i need answers. Thank you so very much. Donna Schaan of Grand Prairie AB hotdonnashaw@hotmail.com June 2015

Do you still have any R.M. of Boulton history books available for purchase. i.e. the 100 anniversary edition? Donna Zimmer Henderson of Sexsmith AB. May 2015

My 4th great-grandmother was born in your district. Her last name was Millham. Lesle Cleary of Prescott Arizona. May 2015

My wife, Dianne & I (Ted Schellenberg of Oak Bank MB) visited Inglis with my mother Marjorie Schellenberg (nee Dyck) on Thursday July 17 2014. My Mother, Marjorie Amy Dyck, was born in Inglis, MB on March 12, 1928. Her Father, John C Dyck worked at one of the elevators in Inglis. If anyone has any information in regard to my grandfather's employment in Inglis (i.e. which elevator, over what period of time, etc) please contact me tdschell@mts.net. Thank-you. July 2014

I grew up in Inglis and am curious about the website; where I search for familiar family names and remember the years I spent there !954 to 1967. My Dad was the grain buyer at the Paterson Elevator. Judy Brandson - Winnipeg March 2014

Candace Inglis from Chesterfield Inlet NU vistied our site Mar 2013

I'll be visiting Inglis with my band Pilot Project on Mon, Feb 18th and we are playing an evening show at the Inglis Hotel. Check it out. You are right... Everyone I have talked to has been very friendly. I'm impressed. Cambridge ON Nick Fernandez. Feb 2013

I lived in Inglis from the age of 3 to 16. It was a small, close knit village and I have fond memories of my childhood years. Hoped to see some familiar names in the guest book.(Judy Maryniuk). Jan 2013

Was looking for info on the "Prairie Giants" & knew they were in Inglis. Might come out next summer to see them "live". I am originally from London (England). Gerry Sherman Winnipeg. September 2012

My daughter is coming to Canada to work at Assessippi Ski field in November so I am trying to find out as much info as I can. She and her friend didnt want to work at a big field. They wanted to be at a smaller location that enabled them to live and mix with the local people. They are looking forward to their trip. I am a little anxious that it so far away and in my way of thinking a bit remote. I am learning a lot about the area reading up about the vastness of the plains etc. I am sure they will have a great time. I dont think they really know too much about how cold it will be and the vast distances they will be travelling. I hope they have fun work hard and enjoy all the new animals they will encounter. ps I am a NewZealand primary school teacher and your little school sounds fantastic. Claire Hunt - RedBeach Nth Auckland New Zealand. August 2012

Mike Dunkin - York SC - I miss see you all. We are hopeful we can visit next year. July 2012

Derek McKay - Winnipeg MB - I lived in Inglis since I was born and we left in 1956 (I believe) as my father Lawrence McKay got a job as a travelling salesman with Brownstones Cloting. My grandfather
Albert owned the land where the Asessippi Ski resort is. I loved your site and how the town was
built up little by little and I could picture everthing you said. Would like email addresses of alot
of people so we could reminisce. My email is derzanne13@yahoo.ca Thanks. July 2012

Tom Ziprick - Allan SK: Am presently working on both family trees for the Zipricks & the Zimmers.
Will be making a "road trip" to the area this summer to visit surrounding area.
July 2012

Herb Koss - Ontario: At least 2 generations of my family lived in or near inglis
beginning in late 1800's and early 1900's. Grandmother klimack grandfather koss.
Keep meaning to get there sometime to walk where my father walked. - Jun 2012

Irene (Sereda) Frederickson Central Butte SK - Memories of Inglis are many and are treasured.
In 1952 - 1953 I had the privilege of teaching at Lockerby School.
I shall always remember the students and the many people I met
that year and some that I met in later years. I spent many years in the Yorkton
area so it was not unusual to meet Inglis people in hospital, funerals, etc. Saturday
nights were great times in Inglis including the shopping. I still have some of my china purchases.
The article in THE SENIOR regarding the Lockerby hockey team in the mid fifties
caught my eye as most of the names mentioned were familiar. Willie Ziprick and
Melvin Honke had been my students, I boarded with Roland & Esther Liske,
used to keep in touch with Ken & Sophie Klimack...
Inglis, and especially Lockerby, are always close to my heart.
May 2011

Beautiful old town.
You have done an excellent job of your web site.
It is great to sometimes see what is happening in a town
you we always proud of.
Binscarth MB
November 2010

Klimack family:
      I am doing the Steinwandt family tree and have found the name of Klimack
amongst the names. 
Could someone contact me at 250-423-7507.
Thank you, 
Olive Steinwandt
Email: steinwan@aebc.com
      Fernie, B.C.
August 2010

It was so neat to find this site.
  I used to live in Inglis when I was a little girl and my thoughts
have often gone back there.  I couldn't have asked for a better environment
to grow up in. My dad was the Pastor at Holy Trinity Lutheran
from about 1986 - 1991; Pastor Erickson. 
It looks like a lot has changed but not as much as I had feared.
Florida USA
August 2010

PS: Thanks for finding us again Hannah. Many of us remember your family.

We  have been coming to Inglis for three years now, elk hunting and sight seeing.
Inglis is a great community with friendly people.

We are coming again this fall for some outdoor adventures and
more of that Inglis hospitality.
Thank you all
Norm and Rhonda McCreight
July 2010

St. Elijah Pioneer Museum webpage
Thank you to the people that took the time to put together this site.
I really enjoyed looking through the pictures and reading the articles.
History is a great part of our heritage.
Darlene Jackson
Inglis MB
April 2010

Congratulations Inglis!  Its wonderful to see the community remains progressive
and vibrant as evidenced by the nearby Assessippi Ski Hill, Lake of the Prairies,
Inglis Heritage Elevators, Assessippi Provincial Park, etc. 
I look back with pride and fond memories of the place that will always be home to me. 
Peter Choropita
Olds AB
April 2010

I grew up in Germany, I lived in the U.S. and in Switzerland. I traveled all over
the world and when I hit Inglis 2007 I decided this is home.
I brought my 5 horses from Germany to Inglis and this
is where we stay forever!
Judith Grail
judith@parkland-ranch .com
Inglis MB
February 2010

I DO Promise to NEVER leave
PROMISE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Emily Werschler
Inglis MB
January 2010

Once lived there
My parents (Bill & Kae Matthews) moved there in 1964,(I was 4 yrs old)
my Dad worked for the CPR and was the Station Master there until
transfered to Stoney Mountain in 1970.
Living and growing up there was the best time of my life.....
Dennis Matthews
Winnipeg MB
January 2010

Great web pages, lots to see, keep up the good work.
Reminds me of home.
Regards Brian Lorimer
Ottawa ON
October 2009

Great Site
Keep up the great work!
Dennis Fingas
Regina SK
October 2009

I came across your site and it has peaked my interest as my dad is
from this area and I'd like to know more about it.
Valerie (Klimack) Canield
Kenora ON
September 2009

Great Job!
Nice job on the website. Great to see the community spirit alive and well,
and promoted through the webpages of your site. Every other fall I get the chance
to come back to Inglis at our camp at Blue Wing and enjoy the goose
hunting with my brother Bill (local resident now).
Every time I'm in Inglis I enjoy the hospitality and kind welcomes
from everyone I meet. You have a wonderful town.
Don't get TOO big with all the popularity.
Kevin Knox.

Huntsville ON
July 2009

Your history mentions a Wes McIntosh as having a garage in 1922.
My family, the "McIntoshs", had a farm near Rossburn and I had an uncle Wes.
I think this could be rhe same fellow.
Is there any reference that the "Wes" mentioned was from Rossburn??
Also, my grandfather was Arthur Courtney Matthews "A. C. Matthews". At one time
in the 1920s he was an elevator operator in Inglis Is there any mention of him
in your towns history?
I don't know which company he worked for.
Barry McIntosh
July 2009

I am looking for Colin Sudbury - he is the brother of Gill Balchin (nee Sudbury),
who was once married to my brother Rae Balchin.
We have lost touch with Gill, the last we heard she was living in
Aqaba, Jordan, and I am hoping that the C Sudbury listed in your town
may be her brother and can give me information as to where she is now.

Commerce Township, Michigan, USA:
Anne L. Gatland
June 2009

I will never ever leave INGLIS
Emily Werschler
Inglis MB
May 2009

Updated June 2009
I do
I make that a promise

So many years have gone by....and so many changes.
I long for the days of yesteryear,.....but as we well know....those years will
never be reclaimed. I'm smiling with great pride at the accomplishments
of the Inglis community and the younger generation and I applaude
them for not only maintaining our precious hometown, but also for their
creativity and energy in preserving the best of Inglis. Their ideas and hard work
have brought a freshness and uniqueness to our little town....
and thoughtfully still.... the planners and organizers of the community of Inglis,
have saved...just enough........to retain the original magic of my hometown....Inglis.
Thank you all so very much for all you do.
Much appreciation,
Lorraine (nee Gorluik) Mitchosky
Winnipeg MB
June 2009

I will never ever leave INGLIS
Emily Werschler
Inglis MB
May 2009

My uncle Clarence farmed near Roblin on land (given to him I believe
by the Canadian gov't) for service in world war 1. His boy Clary, my cousin had a
pony named Fly who bucked me off every time I ried to ride him. I also watched in
wonder as his horses came out of the barn in the morning and assumed their proper
place to be harnessed..no tractors the..1938 approx.
Richard Cooper
Orlando FL
May 2009

Website looks good.
It is good to see small towns keeping up with technology available.
Stephen Peters
Portage La Prairie Mb
May 2009

This is a great web site, I enjoyed it very much.
It brings back a lot of memories when I was growing up in Inglis
All the very best
Brian Lorimer
Ottawa ON
April 2009

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